Future Considerations

For the future considerations for the client project, the main one that can be brought up is the fact that the website would still need to be built at some point, therefore the main future consideration is to begin preparing and building the website ready for it to go live online to be used by the university. This would mean looking into ways of developing the different sections of the website, such as the blog being developed into WordPress, figuring out exactly how to develop the hand-in section, as it would require students to upload files, and this would need to be done securely through profiles, and look into a way to develop the group chat feature.

Another future consideration would be to in the future create an app concept for students to use on their mobiles, so they can use the group chat, check timetables and resources, etc all from their mobile phone without the need to log on to a computer to view anything.


Future Considerations

Now my project’s main design concept is complete, there are still some features that could be included in the future if I was to continue designing and was to develop the project itself. Below are some of the ideas that I have kept for future considerations:

For the web version:

• A feature like plug.dj, similar to what my initial project idea was to allow the users to create and share “online concerts” with friends and other users of the website.

For the app:

• Spotify has recently added a feature which allows users to scan a code from another users’ phone to find a song easier, similar to the way QR codes work. This could be a feature that could be included in the app.
• More animations to enhance the users’ experience.

For both:

• A way for people to further sort songs, such as sorting by most popular within their own playlists and more.


The client project has been a project in which I have explored multiple different new fields, the main one being that I have had to work with a client without being a part of a group working with them. Another one of the main learning curves for this project was learning to use the new software that is currently in BETA Adobe Experience Design. I feel that after creating this entire project, I have learnt the ins and outs of Adobe Experience Design and feel much more confident now using it as a design tool overall.

The experience that I have gained from working with a client throughout this project I believe has helped me, as it has helped me learn the ins and outs of working alongside a client, and reaching the client’s needs and wants for the project. For the initial idea, I came up with a design which I later was not too happy with, therefore I changed the overall idea for the design before I showed the client the homepage, to ensure they were happy with the overall design before I went ahead and designed the rest of the pages.

Overall, with this entire project, I am happy with the final outcome, and have sent off the final designs to the client and am awaiting any final feedback for these, and this is a project that I will possibly be working on further in the future also with the client.


Throughout the entirety of this project, I have focussed on creating things and using software that I have never used in the past. To start off with, I have created an entire mobile app design, which is something I had never done in the past, and I created the entirety of the design in Adobe Experience Design, which I was completely new to when I began working on this project.

Overall, I am happy with the finished prototype that I have come up with, and I believe it is something that I may take further in the future, however, not just yet due to the scale of the project. I believe the project has stretched me, as I have learnt two completely new things at the same time, with Adobe XD and app design.

From using Adobe Experience Design throughout this project, I have found a new piece of software that I am looking forward to using more in the future, as it has completely replaced the old tool that I used to use for all of my designs in Photoshop, and I haven’t used Photoshop at all throughout this whole year of learning Adobe XD.

Final Designs

As my project has over 100 artboards and different designs, I have uploaded it online to be viewed as it would be if the user was actually using the app, using Adobe XD’s prototyping feature. This feature allows the user to navigate through everything as if they were using an actual app on their phone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.29.20.png

Screenshot with prototyping connections:

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 21.57.15.png

You can view the full project here:


Wireframes: App

As I have already designed the web version for my major project, but am now going to be concentrating on creating the app version, I have created a few wireframes to help me transfer everything over from the larger screen to the smaller screens. I’ve created these wireframes to be more of a style guide, as not all pages will be designed the same, however, once the style for the designs is there, it should begin to just flow without any wireframes being required.

Account Setup 1Music PlayerPlaylists – 3Store – 3Store 2



Ensuring the app’s usability is one of the main things that I have to do throughout the entire process of designing the app.


I need to ensure everything on the design is consistent between screens, therefore I have ensured that on every screen the navigation remains at the bottom of the screen for ease of access and use, along with controls for the music player as the user will likely want to pause their music with the click of one button.

I have also ensured that the colours throughout the entire app are consistent and that everything that is similar from page to page works the same way as it would on every other page, such as selections for music.


I have tried to make sure everything within the app is user-friendly, and designed it to be clear as to what everything should do when the user just glances at it, therefore I have included icons which should be easily recognisable to most users, along with text in some places around them, which could later be removed when users begin to use the app more and get used to what all of the icons actually mean.