New Colour Scheme


With the change of plans, another thing that I have changed is the colour scheme, removing three of the colours from the previous scheme, and changing the red to be the primary colour, which will be used as a gradient along with #E9006D, or alone as a highlighted colour.

The two background colours will remain the same, as said in the previous post.


New Logo Design


As the plan for the project has changed, the name “Livesesh” is no longer relevant to what the website is going to be, therefore it is vital that the name and logo for the website are changed. Therefore, I have come up with the name “LoveSound”.


Above is the new logo that I created for the project, using the exact same font and style as the previous logo that was created for Livesesh, however, I have also added a heart icon above the logo using the gradient from the main colour scheme, to be used in situations where the text logo may not fit, or be required, such as in a square box to keep symmetry.

The new name is relevant to the website, as the main target audience is going to be people that love listening to music.

Change of Plan

change of plan.png

As my project has progressed, and I have been thinking more and more about the original idea, and these thoughts have brought along many new and different ideas that have changed the course of my major project by quite a bit. The original idea was to create a website where people can view online concerts, and it was mainly going to be focussed on live content, however, the marketing side of that may have been very hard to get across to certain audiences, as people would much rather see concerts in person than sit at their computer and watch a virtual version of a concert. Therefore I have come up with some new ideas to change the course of my project slightly.

The main change being that instead of the website being focussed on live concerts, it will now instead be focused on the streaming of music, similar to the way Spotify is, however it will be more focused on the artist, allowing them to create their own profile, and upload their own tracks, sell merchandise through the website, sell tickets to their concerts and tours, and interact with their audience all around the world.

Each artist will be given their own profile, which they can set up by themselves, customising things from their avatar to their album artwork, etc, and then publishing their profile for the world to see, gaining followers and fans along the way.

Users will also be able to create their own profile, however in a different way to the artist profile. The users will not have the same options that artists do, therefore everyone will be asked which type of account they want to create when they first sign up to the website. The user profile will include information that they want to show and share with their friends, such as artists they follow, tracks they have liked, things they have shared, bought, concerts they are attending, etc.



The homepage for Livesesh will be separated into four separate sections, each including different information.

Homepage 1


This page is the landing page for the website and will include a video background, using the main colour from the colour scheme (Blue). With some text over the video, and a button to allow the user to sign up to the website.


Homepage 2h2

This page includes information about the two types of accounts (Attendee and Musician), and allows the user to quickly select one of the account types, rather than selecting it when signing up.


Homepage 3


This page includes some interesting facts about the website, to try and give the user some incentive to sign up, such as the number of users that have already signed up to the website, and how it is growing every day.


Homepage 4


This page includes information about upcoming events on the website so the user can see if any of their favourite artists are going to be having a session in the near future, giving them more of an incentive to sign up if that artist is performing, and they haven’t been convinced yet.




The navigation for the homepage includes links such as genres for events, information that users may want before signing up such as privacy policy, and social media links.\


Create Account





Client Logos

The idea behind the final designs for the client logo came from the fact that the college has many different courses, each of them being branded as their own individual course within the college, therefore I came up with the idea for each of the courses to have its own colour, therefore I came up with the following design for the logo;logo-2

With this, the logo can be changed to any colour, and each of the courses will be able to have their own colour. These colours can be used throughout the building, such as on doors of rooms to show which course takes place in that room, these colours could also be used for things such as equipment, to show which course that piece of equipment belongs to if any is lent out.

With the logo being a symmetrical square, it makes it a lot easier to implement on things such as business cards, t-shirts, etc. as it doesn’t take up any extra space vertically or horizontally.

Below is another logo that I came up with in the process of creating a logo for the client;


The idea behind this design was to create a logo that symbolised “AD” for Art & Design, however from the feedback I received, it was hard to tell that it symbolised AD when not told what it was before hand.

Logo Design

The logo design that you use for anything is what establishes it as it’s own brand, and makes it different from everything else in the world, therefore the logo that you decide on can be the most important decision that you make when it comes to working on a new project, as it is basically the sole identity for the project, and what people will associate your project with.


For my major project, I came up with the idea to name it “Livesesh”, as it is a name that is relevant to the project, being a website where live music sessions happen. As for the logo, I came up with the idea shown above, using multiple colours to distinguish the name as being two separate words, “Live” using the main colour from the websites colour scheme, and “sesh” being either white or black, depending on the background behind it.

To make the logo as simplistic as possible, I used one of the fonts that will be used on the website “Stellar”, as the logo have as little of the user’s focus as possible as they are browsing the website, as the main thing they should be focussing on is the content that is available.

Colour Scheme


The colour scheme of a website can completely change the way that a website makes people feel about something, or view something. Due to this, the colour scheme for a website can be one of the most important aspects of the design. If you do not choose a suitable colour scheme for your website, it could mean your website will not perform as well as it should, or give off the feeling that you intend it to.


The Choice

The colour that I have chosen to use for the client’s website is yellow, as it is a bright colour that stands out, and it is also one of the colours that have been used for the 2017 Hull City of Culture branding, which has a lot of relevance to the college, as it is based there.

The colour psychology behind Yellow:

  • It is said to stimulate mental activity.
  • In culture, yellow represents the sunshine, happiness and warmth.
  • The human eye is said to process the colour yellow first, therefore everything yellow is what will draw the user’s attention first.